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Hammock es un una agrupacion de dos mienbros de Nashville, Tennessee. Hammock combina la instrumentación en vivo, ritmos electrónicos, y Droning guitarra en la música atmosférica similar en estilo a la labor de Boards of Canada, Explosions in the Sky,Stars of the Lid.



Genre: Post rock, ambient


Hammock - Kenotic (2005)
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1-Before the Celebration
2- The Air Between Us
3 -Through a Glass Darkly
4 -Blankets of Night
5 -Winter Light
6 -Miles to Go Before Sleep
7 -Wish
8 -Overcast / Sorrow
9 -Glacial
10 -Kenotic
11 -Stars in the Rearview Mirror
12 -You May Emerge From This More Dead Than Alive
13 -What Heaven Allows
14 -The Silence
15 -Dawn Begins to Creep
16 -Rising Tide

Hammock -Stranded Under Endless Sky (EP)(2005)
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1 -Stranded Under Endless Sky
2 -Birds Flying in Sequence
3 -Always Wishing You Were Somewhere Else
4 -An Empty Field

Hammock - The Sleep Over Series, Vol. 1 (2006)
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1- Moon Through the Branches
2- Empty Page / Blue Sky
3- Dropping Off
4- Just Before Breathing
5- Still Point
6- No Stopping the Sea

Hammock - Raising Your Voice... Trying to Stop an Echo (2006)
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1- I Can Almost See You
2- Raising Your Voice... Trying to Stop an Echo
3- Losing You to You
4- When the Sky Pours Down Like a Fountain
5- The House Where We Grew Up
6- God Send Us a Signal
7- Clouds Cover the Stars
8- Floating Away in Every Direction
9- Take a Drink From My Hands
10- Startle the Heavens (Lament)
11- More Dead Than Alive (Get Away From the Medicine)
12- Disappear Like the Morning...
13- ... Like Starlight Into Day
14- Shipwrecked (Flat on Your Back)
15- Chorus of Trees
16- Passing Away
17- Will You Ever Love Yourself?
18- Sparkle and Fade

Hammock- Maybe They Will Sing For Us Tomorrow (2008)
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1- Gold Star Mothers
2- City in the Dust on My Window
3- This Kind of Life Keeps Breaking Your Heart
4- Mono Mo Aware
5- Three Sisters
6- Maybe They Will Sing for Us Tomorrow
7- Elm
8- Razorback Drug Town
9- Eighty-Four Thousand Hymns
10- We Will Say Goodbye to Everyone
11- All of Your Children Are Addicts

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  1. Qué alegría que tengas estos discos. Aunque no están todos ya los completo con los que encontré en otro post. Muy buen aporte.
    Vibra positiva para ti.

  2. El link me dice que no existe, por da solucionen lo por fa
    Raising Your Voice... Trying to Stop an Echo (20



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